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STAAR Mission Math™ is a supplemental, accelerated program that helps students master the TEKS and prepare for STAAR® math exams in grades K-12.  The online program includes printable resources and supports learning in blended learning environments. Instruction includes videos, hands-on activities, graphic organizers, and journaling assignments to help students master specific TEKS.

Developed by Cosenza & Associates, LLC.

STAAR Mission Math is Perfect for:

Providing teachers with a classroom resource that has been developed specifically to address the new TEKS
RTI (extra math class, after school...)
Gap building and transition to the new TEKS
Building and assessing student knowledge of the new TEKS
Summer Programs (SSI)

Reviewed by:


STAAR Mission Math™ materials have now been reviewed by the team of content experts at Learning List! You can learn more from their blog or if your district subscribes to Learning List, you can access the full review at learninglist.com.

*Spanish Translations of 2014 Printable Material*

All activity sheets, practice sheets and assessments in Grades 2 - 5 are now provided in English and in Spanish. The Spanish versions of the printable documents are provided to all subscribers of Grades 2-5 courses at no additional cost!

STAAR Mission Math™ addresses 100% of the TEKS

Click on the grade level or course in the table below to view the list of lessons and TEKS coverage for that grade or course.

K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Alg 1 Geom Alg 2

What Texas Educators have to say about STAAR Mission Math™

"Because each STAAR Mission Math lesson addresses several SE's I can give my students the information they need in less time." "This is the only resource that really addresses the new TEKS the way they should be taught." "STAAR Mission runs circles around most other resources that I have seen."
"STAAR Mission runs circles around most other resources that I have seen."

"Wanted you to know that Kathryn (instructional coach) and I used your resource every day during intervention. Eleven students out 14 students passed with 2 years progress, one was one year. The STAAR M student passed with one year progress. Some of our non-passing students showed 1 year growth."

"I love the videos because when I play them for my kids I often learn new ways to teach the new TEKS."

Over 2000 educators in 50 districts across the State of Texas now use STAAR Mission Math™



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STAAR Mission Math videos will play with any browser set to play MP4 videos. For best results we recommend Google Chrome.

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